Elo rating: 3282.5
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Last updated 1yr ago. Code length 6588 characters. Average time 1.29s.
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About this programmer

I'm a 14 year old programmer. Python was the first language I learned, and I am about halfway through learning Objective C. I have an app out on the appstore named 'Hoppit!'. I have been learning this mostly on my own, with occasional help.

'Chaos-Legion' is my first and best bot (rule based, 2nd in <2 execution, I was 13 when I programmed this)

The highest rank it has gotten to is 8th

Singularity 1.0

I am now fiddling around with simulated annealing. It now is working alright, but is making some stupid mistakes where it shouldn't consistently.

Match history

19d ago (3285 Rank: 7) vs. littlebot (3332 Rank: 6) (-2.6)
19d ago (3284 Rank: 7) vs. Destroyer of Robots (3106 Rank: 8) (+1.6)
20d ago (3282 Rank: 7) vs. thermo (3442 Rank: 4) (+1.3)
20d ago (3284 Rank: 7) vs. Damien (3432 Rank: 5) (-1.8)
20d ago (3284 Rank: 7) vs. InsidiousBot (3733 Rank: 1) (-0.3)

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