ribbit 0.9.2 beta

Elo rating: 3288.8
Current ranking: 4
Last updated 1yr ago. Code length 92962 characters. Average time 4.97s.
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About this programmer

mueslo (irc: mueslo, reddit: sbjf)


ribbit: rule-based hybrid priority & greedy move calculation. Open-source version (0.8.2 at github.com/mpeterv/robotgame-bots/blob/master/ribbit08.py). Was rank 1 in Nov 2013.

tadpole: rule-based greedy bot (just the greedy parts from ribbit 0.9.2). Open-source.

thermo: score-based SA bot

Other stuff

author of rgcompare: https://github.com/mueslo/rgcompare stats page (wip): http://mueslo.de:8081 (currently off, since rg now has stats)

I know Python and C++ a bit. I study Physics currently. I like Arch Linux and KDE too.

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